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Processing and analysis of power cable monitoring data based on big data

WEI LIU and DAEHEE PARK,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.8.1.00112]

As an important part of power system, cable plays an extremely important role in power transmission and power security. With the development of on-line monitoring technology, power monitoring centers have been established one after another. Intelligent on-line monitoring of primary power equipment and conventional power equipment has been greatly developed and become a trend. However, cable monitoring data is increasingly huge, and on-line monitoring system is facing more and huger technical challenges. Based on this, this paper analyses the problems of existing state assessment methods and the application requirements of power cable, as well as the related technical advantages of big data platform. A state evaluation system based on Hadoop platform is proposed. The system architecture, sub-module structure, algorithm and algorithm implementation are introduced in detail. The problem of low efficiency and poor real-time performance of existing evaluation methods is solved.

Crack growth path prediction by SED Theory. Influence of T-stress and high order terms in derivative stress state equations at the crack tip, solving with Genetic Algorithms

[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.7.4.32133.]

Rodríguez-Martínez Rafael*, Torres-San Miguel Christopher, Lugo-González Esther, Ortega-Herrera José Ángel, Urriolagoitia-Calderón Guillermo Manuel,

In fracture problems under a multiaxial stress state, many cases have been analyzed. Particularly, the biaxial stress state for of a few practical engineering problems. The case of SIF mode I and its influence in brittle materials by means a KI is very important in engineering design. The main objective of this work is to establish the influence of the T-stress factor in the behavior of the biaxial mode of fracture, considering the Strain Energy Theory. A special Strain Energy Density (SED) method was proposed separating the hydrostatic and distortional components which form a total SED. Based on works carried out recently, the present research was applied in SEN specimens under plane-stress and plane-strain states, and the resultant equations were solved employing Genetic Algorithms. Results obtained are very similar into certain range of the biaxiality values to those obtained in other works. Additionally, an important contribution is made applying the algorithms to plane-stress and plane-strain states considering specimens with Poisson ratios of 0, 0.3 and 0.5. Additionally, the final results indicate that seemengly the higher order terms and the component T-stress have a significant influence on the energy curves of the SED Theory and on the direction of crack propagation, which differ significantly with respect to other published works.

Condition for Complete Graph – Using Fuzzy Graph

A.R.Shoba and R.Malathi ,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.7.4.31520]

In this paper, we will be learning some new concepts of notions of fuzzy graph, union, intersection of two fuzzy graphs and a few properties relating to finite union and intersection of fuzzy graphs are established here. We are also going to find the conditions for complete graph.

fH -Mean: One Generalized Definition of Average

Dhritikesh Chakrabarty,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.7.4.30114]

A generalized definition has been constructed for defining average mathematically. The definition constructed hare has been termed as the generalized fH - Mean. This definition can be treated as a technique of deriving of definitions of different types of average. A number of definitions / formulations of average have been derived from this generalized definition of average namely the generalized fH - Mean. This paper describes the construction of the generalized fH - Mean and the derivations of a number of definitions / formulations of average from it.

Wireless Noise Pollution Monitoring and Controlling

M. Dhatchina Moorthy

In this project I will done the wireless noise pollution controlling it will be based on suggestion work when the bike horn sound noise coming pollution measuring using wire-less sensor network .at the based on measuring devices hydrometer based on the graph shown approximation. We enable citizens to measure their personal exposure to noise in their everyday environment by using GPS-equipped mobile phones as noise sensors. The geo-localised measures and user-generated meta-data. While environmental issues keep gaining increasing attention from the public opinion and policy makers, several ex-periments demonstrated the feasibility of wireless sensor net-works to be used in a large variety of environmental controlling applications. Focusing on the assessment of environmental noise pollution in urban areas, we provide qualitative considerations and preliminary experimental results that motivate and encourage the use of wireless sensor net-works in this context. The sensor software is based on a multi-agent structure that is composed of three components: management, application control, and communication agents; a service interface, which provides applications the abstraction of sensor hardware and other components; and an application layer protocol. On the other hand, the annoyance response of public exposed to bike noise was assessed through the appropriate psychometric-based questionnaire-type social survey conducted. Although many recent studies have focused on the development of new applications for wireless sensor networks, less attention has been paid to knowledge-based sensor nodes. The objective of this work is the development in a real network of a new distributed system in which every sensor node can execute a set of applications, such as fuzzy ruled-base systems, measures, and actions. The results show the effectiveness of the communication protocol and that the proposed system is suitable for a wide range of applications at the controlling of noise pollution wire-less sensor network.


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