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Center for Environmental Studies and Advocacy: It’s Turning Point from Vision to Action

Myrna Nicol Ogoc, Rolando A. Delorino and Atty. Franco Archie N. Tonog,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.A.8.2.15109]

Environmental degradation is human civilization’s adverse impact on the planet. Rising to the fore is a string of environmental problems that threaten man’s very existence and hence cannot be underestimated.  All the living systems whether on land or sea surrounding us are being ruthlessly exploited.  This senseless attack on the natural world rapidly hits at the very base of our living world and endangers its usefulness for future generations. The damage on the natural resources is irreversible yet needs to be addressed with urgency if only to contain and arrest their continuous degeneration in order to ensure their availability into the future. Environmental protection and sustainability are imperative educational goals anchored on the recognition of our important role in reversing the course of our failing environment.  Our capacity to destroy comes with our ability to restore.The academe as the source of all legitimate information and learning plays a critical role in the development of individuals into responsible citizens imbued with a heightened sense of environmental consciousness and ethics actualized by routine.  It can adequately provide opportunities to learn about the dynamics of nature and how to care for it and to conserve   finite natural resources.  In addition, the academe can institutionalize the adoption of sound techniques for the protection and conservation of ecological balance through ecological management techniques and building community capacity for leadership and participation. Environmental concern is a value that needs to be channeled into every individual within the academic fold.  


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