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One Definition of Generalized fG -Mean: Derivation of Formulations of Various Means

Dhritikesh Chakrabarty ,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.8.2.05166]

One more definition of generalized fG -Mean, in addition to its existing definition, has been framed of for defining average mathematically. This definition can also be suitable for deriving of definitions of different types of average. A number of definitions / formulations of average have been derived from this definition of generalized fG -Mean. This paper is based on the description of this generalized definition of average along with the derivations of some existing definitions / formulations of average from it.

Unitary Equivalence and Similarity of Truncated Toeplitz Operators

Habeeb I.A.Ibrahim, Osman Abdalla Adam Osman, Mohammed Nour A.Rabih,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.8.2.06787

Consider a classical Hardy space on the open unit disk Η2, and a toeplitz operator Tφj from Η 2 to Η 2. We prove that, the inverse Jordan struck problem is always solvable in the class of truncated Toeplitz operator. Also, we prove that, for an inner function Ѳ,Aφj ∈ TѲ, and A*φj, then .∉ Η 2 ∪ Η¯ 2   (kindly check the main article)

COMSOL Based Analysis on Compensating Thermal Residual Stress Effects in Beam Structured Geometries

Ravishankar Dudhe , Sumathi Ayyalusamy and Tithi Desai,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.8.2.08803]

Thermal residual stress becomes very important factor to be taken care of during microfabrication process that involves surface micromachining of thin film structures. These microstructures undergo thermal stress due to change in temperatures during the process. Residual stress in thin film causes variations in resonant frequencies and is vital, specifically for beam structures like cantilevers and their arrays. We interpret the challenges involved in microfabrication specifically towards thermal residual stress in the process of crafting thin film structures. We considered the folded cantilever structure and compared with the structure of a flat plate fixed to two cantilever beams on each side forming an array. The substrate was not considered, and uniform temperature is sustained all through in this simulation. COMSOL Multiphysics tool is applied in simulating the effects, with greater insights towards geometries, addressed as the change in resonant frequencies. Taguchi’s orthogonal array method was performed on a set of structure defining parameters and percentage changes in resonant frequencies (very low 0.24-2.75% in folded structure compared to 18-53% in unfolded structures) and change in residual stress (~ 0.07 *107 N/min folded cantilever geometry compared to 2.4 *107 N/m2 in unfolded cantilever geometry) . Folded cantilever structures shown to have upper hand over flat beam structures in reducing thermal residual stress. These results are useful for designers to reduce the efforts and time and hence becomes economic advantage to the application developments.

Permutations and Combinations

Falih A. M. Aldosray ,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.8.2.10407.]

A permutation are the ways of the order of arange of different elements. While a combination is a way of selecting items from a collection.                                    


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