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Processing and analysis of power cable monitoring data based on big data

WEI LIU and DAEHEE PARK,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.8.1.00112]

As an important part of power system, cable plays an extremely important role in power transmission and power security. With the development of on-line monitoring technology, power monitoring centers have been established one after another. Intelligent on-line monitoring of primary power equipment and conventional power equipment has been greatly developed and become a trend. However, cable monitoring data is increasingly huge, and on-line monitoring system is facing more and huger technical challenges. Based on this, this paper analyses the problems of existing state assessment methods and the application requirements of power cable, as well as the related technical advantages of big data platform. A state evaluation system based on Hadoop platform is proposed. The system architecture, sub-module structure, algorithm and algorithm implementation are introduced in detail. The problem of low efficiency and poor real-time performance of existing evaluation methods is solved.


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