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Existence of positive solutions for singular fractional q-differential equations with integral boundary value conditions

Yizhu Wang, Chengmin Hou

In this paper, we discuss the existence and multiplicity of positive solutions for singular fractional q-differential equations with integral boundary value conditions........................

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Design, Analysis And Preparation Of Estimate Of Water Supply Pipeline From Akkalpada Dam To Hanumantekdi, Dhule

Pramod Sambhaji Patil

Dhule city is an ancient city which is situated on the bank of Panzara River. Old part of Dhule city; generally called as old Dhule is well planned according to civil engineering point of view. The planning of Dhule city is done by Bharat-ratna sir. M. Vishweshwarayya. Because of this the Dhule city is awarded by Guianese Book of World Record for Well Planned City. Now a days Dhule city is at developing stage having population up to 4 to 5 lacks but till now the Sewage Treatment Plant is not constructed in Dhulia city. The whole waste water is carried from main drainage line in old Dhulia and Sushi Nallah in Deopur region and further meets at Panzara River because of this pollution is increasing day by day and peoples are facing many diseases. The development of sanitary engineering has parallel and contributed to the growth of the city. However, the tasks of sanitary engineer become more complex due to concentration of population in relatively small areas. According to the Central Pollution Control Board-2009, the estimated sewage generation from class -I cities and class-II towns together is 38,254 MLD, out of which only 11,787 MLD (35%) is being treated with capacity gap of 26,467 MLD (30% of total generation) which needs urgent attention of all concerned. Thus overall 80% of the water supplied for domestic use, comes out as waste water. Therefore there is need to do process on sewage. According to the above observation, in city huge amount of waste is generating also there is lack of electricity hence it is required to treat the waste. Therefore, to overcome these problems, we have decided to generate electricity from waste. Final result will be reduction of waste as well as fulfill the of electricity.

A Survey on IOT based Reduction of greenhouse gas Emission and smart intelligent parking system

V.N.L.N Murthy, A.Angel Mar

Fast environmental change comes about normal cataclysm and extreme financial effect and dangers to the life. Consuming fossil powers by the medium of transportation contributes half of part in expanding nursery discharge and prompting raise surface mild. Suburbanites in and around the created urban areas faces challenges in discovering parking area because of absence of notice process and self-governing stopping frameworks. This makes workers take numerous rounds outings to get the stopping space which causes consuming extra fuel and eventually creating inordinate Carbon dioxide outflow. This paper depicts answer for shrewd stopping framework utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) to abrogate stopping dangers and clarifies how it can limits discharging ozone depleting substances. IoT empowers keen stopping framework utilizing the arrangement of interconnected Raspberry Pi, Distance Sensor, Pi Camera gadgets together. This equipment responds to each other gathers information and transmits to distributed storage. In this investigation we plan a Smart Parking System (SPS) which empowers the client to discover the closest stopping territory and gives accessibility of stopping spaces in that separate stopping region.

A Queueing Theory Model to Optimize Waiting Time in an Internet Traffic Management during Peak Hours Using Monte-Carlo Simulation

Rama S, Anupriy

Network Traffic Management is a core activity which is performed by the system in the backend to provide a flawless and uninterrupted Internet service to the end-user. This is performed mainly by the automated systems which are configured based on the predefined set of requirements. In this paper a single server queueing theory model to optimize the waiting time in the Internet Traffic Management technique during the peak hours has been developed by the use of Monte-Carlo Simulation technique. The average waiting time of a customer and delay time of the system has been calculated and optimized by Monte-Carlo simulation technique. The results are tabulated and validated with the single server queue model.

Integrated Grid Connected Pv System With Mppt

Aakansha Sharma, Monika Verdia, Ankit Tandon

Renewable energies are playing a vital role in supplying the world’s current power demands. Solar energy is so enormous and free in most parts of the world, therefore it has become economical source of energy in many applications. However solar power is not effectively utilized to replace the fossil fuels due to its intermittence nature. Due to temperature, radiation and load variations, the efficiency of the solar module reduces. Thus, to track the maximum power from the solar array, the converter must operate in the maximum power point tracking. In this thesis a Perturb and Observe (P&O) based MPPT algorithm is selected to enhance the tracking efficiency of the PV system. For maximum power point tracking (MPPT) operation, a buck-boost converter is used. The three-phase sinusoidal Pulse width modulation (SPWM) controller is used for controlling the three phase voltage source inverter (VSI) circuit. To verify the proposed controllers, a 100 W grid integrated PV system is considered. The MATLAB/SIMULINK environment has been used to test the proposed grid connected PV system

Existence of Solutions for Boundary Value Problems of Ordered Anti-periodic Fractional q-Difference Systems

Changfa Yang,Chengmin Hou

Abstract: In this paper, we obtain existence results for the problem(Kindly see the main article)


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