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Significance of Finger Millet in Nutrition, Health and Value added Products: A Review

Amir Gull, Romee Jan, Gulzar Ahmad Nayik, Kamlesh Prasad and Pradyuman Kumar

This review assesses the nutritional and health attributes of finger millet and its utilization in value added foods. Finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) ragi or mandua is one of the important millet grown extensively in various regions of India and Africa. With regard to protein (6-8%) and fat (1-2%) it is comparable to rice and with respect to mineral and micronutrient contents it is superior to rice and wheat. Nutritionally; it has high content of calcium (344 mg/100g), dietary fiber (15-20%) and phenolic compounds (0.3–3%). This minor millet contains important amino acids viz isoleucine, leucine, methionine and phenyl alanine which are deficient in other starchy meals. It is also known for several health benefits such as anti-diabetic, antitumerogenic, atherosclerogenic effects, antioxidant, which are mainly attributed due to its polyphenol and dietary fiber contents. Being indigenous minor millet it is used in the preparation of various foods both in natural and malted forms. Grains of this millet are converted into flours for preparation of products like porridge, puddings, pancakes, biscuits, roti, bread, noodles, and other snacks. Besides this it is also used as a nourishing food for infants when malted and is regarded as wholesome food for diabetic’s patients.

Design and Construction of Multi-Coloured Led Scrolling Display Using Pic Microcontrollers

Popoola Rotimi Olaoluwa, Adu Michael Rotimi, and Shoneye Shola David

This paper develops an easily programmable Light Emitting Diode (LED) based scrolling display. Unlike existing systems, it is designed to display multiple colours writings and alter the characteristics of the message by varying speeds and other properties. Led message scrolling display of multi-colour using microcontroller seeks to develop an information board which could be used everywhere to disseminate information in a more robust and acceptable manner. This work makes use of assembly language as programming language in conjunction with microcontrollers. The circuit was first simulated before carried out actual construction. PIC microcontroller 16F877 was used for this work which has just enough memory space and power for the system is maintained at 12 V which is readily available and hence the whole system can be battery powered so as to cater for power interruption. Testing of the whole design was done using PS2 keyboard port interface in the programming of the display board. The developed system displays 32 letters which can be increased by use of externa memory, operates with a 5 v power supply, and has 784 LEDS which are ganged for father viewing distance. This makes a total board size of 0.3 m2.

Comparison of 16 Bit Carry Select Adder’s For Area Coverage and Power Consumption in 180 nm Techno

Mrs. Jasbir Kaur and Sanjay Singh Saroch

One of the most important design aspects in integrated circuits after speed is power dissipation. Adders are the most widely used component in circuits that is why design of efficient adders is of much concern for researchers. In this paper we discuss performance analysis of various fast adders. The comparison is done on the basis of three performance parameters i.e. area, speed and power consumption. Here we also present a modified carry select adder. Results obtained of the carry select adder are better in power consumption by 99% and in terms of area covered by 15% and delay by 50%

Analysis of 16 & 32 Bit Kogge Stone Adder Using Xilinx Tool

Jasbir Kaur and Pawan Kumar

An important component of digital computers is adders. Adders are used in many different parts of the digital computer. They are not only used in the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) but also in address calculation. Adders are also used in multipliers and other functional units. One of the Most Prominent adders In VLSI Industry is Parallel Prefix adders1 .The Parallel Prefix Adder (PPA) is one of the fastest types of adder that had been created and developed. One of the common types of parallel prefix adder is Kogge Stone adder. By using the Xilinx 14.1 software, the designs for Kogge Stone adders were developed. In this paper, Different bit of Kogge Stone adder structures can be used to execute addition and is widely used in the industry for high performance arithmetic circuits. This paper focuses on the implementation and simulation of 16-bit and 32 bit Kogge adder based on Verilog code and compared for their performance in Xilinx. Hence, this paper is significant in showing which of the adder being tested perform better in terms of computational delay based on different sizes of bits.

Technological Applications of Thin Films in Functional Materials

M. C. Rao

The field of material science and engineering community’s ability to conceive the novel materials with extraordinary combination of chemical, physical and mechanical properties has changed the modern society. There is an increasing technological progress; modern technology requires thin films for different applications. Thin film technology is the basic of astounding development in solid state electronics. The usefulness of the optical properties of metal films and scientific curiosity about the behavior of two-dimensional solids has been responsible for the immense interest in the study science and technology of the thin films. The development of computer technology led to a requirement for very high density storage techniques and it is this which has stimulated most of the research on the magnetic properties of thin films. Many thin film devices have been developed which have found themselves looking for an application. In general these devices have resulted from research into the physica properties of thin films. Thin film materials are the key elements of continued technological advances made in the fields of optoelectronic, photonic and magnetic devices. Thin film technologies make use of the fact that the properties can particularly be controlled by the thickness parameter. Thin films are formed mostly by deposition, either physical or chemical methods. Thin film materials have already been used in semiconductor devices, wireless communications, telecommunications, integrated circuits, magneto-optic memories,smart windows, computer chips, microelectromechanical systems and multifunctional emerging coatings, as well as other emerging cutting technologies. Thin film resistor networks typically find application in the analog world

Closed Loop Angular Position Control of Stepper Motor Using Parallel Port on PC

Antara Mukherjee, Reetam Mondal, Sagarika Pal

Stepper motors find wide applications in sophisticated manufacturing machines for positioning of work-piece into a predefined location upon which some operations may be performed. They are commonly used in open loop position control systems and various automation system applications. But open loop control of stepper motor may cause loss of steps or slip of steps. Acceleration and deceleration are also limited. To overcome these problems, computer controlled flexible positioning system as well as an error checker circuit has been developed to show, if any wrong position (i.e. due to loss of steps or slip of steps) of stepper motors have been achieved. So in thepresent paper, a programming method in Visual Basic has been described to control the angular position of a stepper motor using Paralle port on PC where the Stepper Motor has been connected to the Line Printer Terminal (LPT) of the Computer to achieve accurate position of stepper motor, within a considerable step angle limit. Experimental results indicate that the proposed system has high performance and efficiency with percentage error within tolerable limits.

Optimal Location of STATCOM in Nigerian 330kV network using Ant Colony Optimization Meta-heuristic

Aribi Fughar and Nwohu, M. N

This paper introduces the ant colony meta-heuristic technique to optimally locate STATCOM in 330kV Nigerian Network. The Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithms used the STATCOM parameters and probabilistic model to generate solutions to the problem of siting STATCOM in Nigerian network. The optimal location of STATCOM in Nigerian network is evidenced in bus voltage profile enhancement and minimization of transmission losses. The probabilistic model is called pheromone model which consists of a set of model parameters, often referred to as pheromone values. At run-time, the ACO algorithms try to update the pheromone values from previously generated solutions in such a way that the probability to generate high quality solutions increases over time. Finally, the graph of pheromone trail and path treaded by the ants along the various nodes are captured whose codes are validated using the Matrix
Laboratory Software (MATLAB) environment.

Performance Evaluation of Solar Tunnel Dryer for Drying Agricultural Product

R. T. Dhanore, Y. M. Jibhakate

A solar tunnel dryer is commissioned at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Kavikulguru Institute of Technology & science, Ramtek. Dryer performance is evaluated with a chimney, GI sheet and wooden frame covered with polythene for chilly drying. Chilly drying in solar tunnel dryer to reduce the moisture content from 75% to about 5% which is successfully dried. In comparison of open sun drying to obtain the same level of moisture contents resulting in saving drying time with the help of solar tunnel dryer


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