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Research Papers in Comp Science

Many developing countries are experiencing procurement problems. Is e-governance the solution? A discussion paper on Zimbabwe

RudoMatachi and Dr FaraiChoga,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.B.8.1. 00107.]

Many developing countries are experiencing procurement problems. The problems include: lack of enforcement of rules and regulations, no electronic infrastructure, high cost of technology, in some cases lack of legal framework, lack of technical expertise, lack of e-procurement knowledge and above all lack of e-governance. Through e-governance e-procurement can bring a lot of benefits that include: cost reduction, visibility of procurement process, time savings, improved productivity and minimised corruption. To resolve procurement challenges e-governance must be in place as e-procurement is part of this process

Design and Implementation of a Network Infrastructure for Providing IPTV Service in a Small City

M. Orgon, H. Ondirkova, R. Polacko, M. Kavacky,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.B.8.1. 00817.]

Television broadcasting over IP through broadband access networks is increasingly used in practice thanks to new access networks, improved coding algorithms, and also increasing bandwidth. An increasing number of potential customers, therefore, force operators to provide the best possible service packs with enhanced services, to optimize access network architecture, devices, and control mechanisms. The subject of this paper is the design and implementation of a network infrastructure providing IPTV service in a small city in Slovakia.

The Design of a Sample Database for the Creation of Specialized Dictionaries of the Slovak Language

Tomas Launer, Milos Orgon, Matej Kavacky, Olga Orgonova ,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.B.8.1. 01827]

Professionalism is an expression that names objects, phenomena, and processes associated with a certain work area. They are used by their specialists in the individual departments and workers in the individual production areas. The created application serves to create specialized dictionary of the Slovak language and to categorize each of professionalism into individual areas. The app is accessible to multiple users at any time and on any end device - on a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

An Enhanced Application of Artificial Neural Network Algorithm in Image Segmentation Process

BAAH Barida, ITUMA Chinagolum(PhD),Mmeah Shedrack;[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.B.8.1. 02837.]

This research work is centered on an enhanced application of Artificial Neural Network Algorithm in Image Segmentation Process. Most of the research works have shown that the causes of most death are as a result of incorrect diagnosis of the affected area of brain arising from brain tumor.  It is obvious that the chances of survival can be enhanced if the tumor is detected and classified correctly at its early stage. Segmentation of brain tumors in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a challenging and difficult task because of the multiplicity of their possible shapes, locations, image intensities. In this research, it is intended to summarize and compare the methods of automatic detection of brain tumor through Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) by application of Artificial Neural Network. The proposed method can be successfully applied to detect the contour of the tumor and its geometrical dimension. Also in this research paper,  an enhanced  Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model that is based on learning vector quantization with image and data analysis and manipulation techniques is proposed to carry out an automated brain tumor classification using MRI-scans. The assessment of the modified ANN classifier performance is measured in terms of the training performance, classification accuracies and computational time. This research presents proposed system architecture and program flowchart use for the detection purpose which is Artificial Neural Network technique. In addition, in this research work will focus on both mass and malignant types of tumor cells for this reason will used a 3-D Analyzer tool for more accurate result in detection of the malignant tumor since it is difficult as compare to mass tumor. The proposed Neural Network technique consists of some stages, namely, feature extraction, dimensionality reduction, detection, segmentation and classification. In this research work, the proposed method is more accurate and effective for the brain tumor detection and segmentation process. We will use the Object Oriented Analysis and Design Method (OOAD).

ACALBOT: Academic Calendar bot

K.S.Kalaivani, Dr.C.S.Kanimozhi Selvi, P.Manoj Kumar,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.B.8.1. 03843.]

Academic Calendar is an important source of information for any educational institution or organisation. It includes information like class start dates, exam dates, registration dates, various event dates, holiday dates and more. Hard copy of the academic calendar may not be available to the faculty, students and parents all the time. So, the aim of this work is to develop a telegram bot that is useful to fetch the details of the calendar wherever we are and whenever we want. The advantages of ACALBOT is easy availability, more reliable, user friendliness, easy and quick accessibility.


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