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Auto Pılot-Controlled Ambulance Multivcopter


This system was planned for tranported medical equipment and devices to people who need firstaid and placed on hard-to-reach location (heavy traffic, inaccessible places with vehicles etc.) as soon as possible. Vehicle can be delivered carried equipment to planned location with autopilot that have auto takeoff, follow route and auto landing capability. Communication between vehicle and ground control station (mobile device or computer) provided with telemetry/GSM modem. This link can be transferred device position and status information (GPS position, speed, height, battery status, 3 axis status) from vehicle to ground control station and flight commands, route information from ground control station to vehicle. The embedded software on the device (firmware) can flying to desired coordinates with making the necessary movements that obtained from ground control station commands and processing of device sensor informations.

Transformation From Wired To Wireless Technology in Indian Perspective

Dr. Deepak Kumar and Ms. Lavisha

A growing country can be intellectualize and motorized if it adopts e-commerce completely and fluently. It will increase its turnout and delivers competitive advantage. Information Technology (IT) has promoted e-commerce worldwide and there will be a steady expansion in mobile devices. Mobile e-commerce, m-commerce is the caption used to elucidate the rising progression via. Networks that interface with wireless gadgets, such as laptops, handheld computers or mobile phones to set up or integrated online electronic commerce transactions. Mobile commerce is on a progressive trend. It is gaining increasing consent amongst various fields of the society. This hike can be traced back to methodological and analytical expansions that have persuaded significant forms of the socio-cultural behavior in today’s world.

Analysis of queries associated with virtual machines using stochastic optimization techniques

Mishra Jyoti Prakash and Mishra Sambit Kumar

The principal aim of virtualization is to increase the hardware utilization to a maximum, decrease hardware costs by regrouping multiple machines virtualized into one physical machine. Cloud computing permits to reduce hardware cost, reduce the energy consumption and allow a more efficient use of servers. It is seen that lot of servers may be utilized not in a proper way due to underutilization. So the uses of cloud computing associated with virtualization may be a solution to the problem. In general the utilization of virtualization within cloud computing may provide the virtualization and sharing of physical resources within the cloud. The usage of virtualization sometimes may introduce a degradation of performance due to additional overhead and higher utilization rates. This paper aims to evaluate total CPU references in terms of instruction sequencing along with queries associated with virtual machines

A fundamental study of scheduling algorithm for Cloud Computing Job Selection

1Anil Kumar Mishra,Yogomaya Mohapatra and Ashis Kumar Mishra

Cloud computing is a computing paradigm. In the recent era Cloud Computing is one the most challenging and developing areas of Information Technology. With the advent of the technology more and more cloud devices are being setup, more companies are for cloud services. Cloud has made up a virtual reality of the practical world. Cloud Computing is a practical approach to experience the direct cost benefits and it has the potential to transform the datacenters from a capital intensive set up to variable priced environment. One of the aspects of cloud computing is provision of servers to allocate the resources and scheduling the jobs. In the cloud environment job selection and scheduling is the basic activity. In this paper I focused on devising an algorithm to schedule jobs and allocate servers in cloud systems. The simulation results of the algorithms are provided and the comparisons are shown in forms of graphs.

Threats in Cloud Computing and Security Issues

Neelamani Samal, Nilamadhab Mishra and Snigdha Mohapatra

Cloud computing is basically an Internet-based network made up of large numbers of servers - mostly based on open standards, modular and inexpensive. Clouds contain vast amounts of information and provide a variety of services to large numbers of people. In this paper, various types of services, visibility, working principle and the benefits of cloud computing like Reduced Data Leakage, Decrease in evidence acquisition time, eliminate or reduce service downtime, Forensic readiness and decrease evidence transfer time etc are discussed. The main factor to be discussed is security of cloud computing, which is a major risk factor involved in major computing fields.

Access of Cloud Hetrogeneous Data Using a Virtual Engine

Prasad Suman Sourav and Mishra Sambit Kumar

Accessing data from numerous widely distributed sources poses significant new challenges for query optimization and execution . Failures and congestion in the network can produce highly variable response times for wide area data access . The causes of high variability are typically failures and congestion which are inherently runtime Issues , they cannot be reliably predicted at query optimization time or even at query start up time . We introduce a class of dynamic run time query plan modification techniques that we call query plan scrambling which will be executed on distributed query processing virtual engine . The efficient execution of complex queries posed by end users is an important and challenging task . In this paper , a virtual engine is introduced which aims at providing a solution for query execution in the cloud .

Recent Research Trends on Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments

Shiba Narayan Sahu

In these days of computing as a public utility, analyzing and processing big data is a common phenomenon. To reduce the cost in terms of economy of scale, to improve flexibility and convenience, think of is needed in the direction of cloud computing. In this paper the utility and major issues in concern with cloud computing for its convenient applicability in education and, different business and government paradigm has been reviewed. Privacy and security issues in cloud computing are its major drawback due to which many enterprises are in hesitation to invoke cloud computing. Continuous research is going on to resolve the associated issues and improve the applicability of cloud computing in different directions. As cloud computing is at infantry stage more and more research work is needed for its overall growth, in this paper attempt has been made to identify the key research dimensions in cloud computing.

Virtualization Tools Performance Evaluation in Multi-Threaded Applications

Nilamadhab Mishra and Prof. S. N. Mishra

In the last decade, virtualization technologies have become very popular. Virtualization enables a user to run multiple operating systems on the same computer concurrently, while providing a degree of isolation between OS instances. Even though virtualization is mostly used on servers, its popularity on desktop also rises, where it is mostly used in cross-platform development and execution of software available to other platforms. Since both of these use cases are performance intensive, the goal of this paper is to evaluate the performance of a couple of the most popular desktop virtualization tools on the market, i.e., VMware Player and Oracle Virtual Box. Benchmarks used in this paper evaluate the performance of the tools in both CPU intensive and GPU intensive applications, with special emphasis placed on the performance of multi-threaded applications.

Audio Codecs in Cloud Computing

Suresh Kumar Sahu

A codec is a device of computer program capable of encoding or decoding a digital data stream of signal. Now a days we are dealing with words like mp3, mp4, aac, 3gpp etc. Let us solve the mystery behind the latest technology in audio and video processing techniques and its use in Cloud computing. The perceptual audio range of a human being is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. That means the human ear can sense the sounds in this range of frequency. If we want to store the audio outcome from a source we must store the human ear perceptual range of frequency components. Generally the audio output from a source is in analog form. Before the development of digital data storage, the audio signals stored in analog form on devices like magnetic tapes and gramophone etc. the analog signals again converted to sound when we need them. In analog format the data storage is costly, bulky, power consuming and of less quality. These disadvantages can be overcome by digital signal processing techniques. Also we can use the Cloud computing for better usage of the digital techniques.

Impact of CR M Cloud Aps Sales in Marketing Campaign. (A Study of Small Enterprises in Odisha, a State of India Market)

Christina Arundhati Sen and Dr. Srita Bhol

Marketing is exceedingly complex, lacks any thoroughly any reliable rules and deals mostly with the unpredictable. Despite the complexity, it still is the most challenging and satisfying of all organizational activities. However today, the market scenario is such that, success stories are much fewer than failures, due to intense competition. Therefore, the success of a marketer is directly proportional to his/ her ability to satisfy the consumers. Going the CRM way, companies believe in leveraging technology to build a relationship with customers, both in the long term as well as in the short term. Therefore, the use of CRM cloud software goes a long way in acting as cutting edge technology thereby streamlining and automating business processes, resulting in a seamless integration and recall the best and most sophisticated solution to customer problems. Cloud computing promises to provide quicker, easier, and less expensive computing support for e-commerce. Its use has resulted in user satisfaction which automatically translates into customer loyalty

Implementing Security in Virtual Machines in Cloud during Query Phasing

Mohanty Anita and Mishra Sambit Kumar

Now-a –days virtual machines are creating interests among scientists. The main advantage with virtual machines are that even if multiple operating systems exist in a computer still they are isolated with each other. So in cloud when a query is processed data are shared and in a virtual machine number of operating systems are working. So data security is a major issue over there. Though encryption is provided but now the concern is who should manage and control the encryption key. A cloud service provider can decrypt the data without the knowledge of the data owner which is unethical. In this paper we propose a scheme to provide better security to data in cloud during query phasing.

Role of Cloud Computing In Retail Sector: An Overview

Suchismita Mishra

Cloud computing is an emerging technology in the era of computers. The cloud computing is proving itself to be very essential in the current scenario for storing of data, resource management, network management etc. In retail sector data storage and management is a challenging task. Cloud computing is working to handle retail data in an efficient manner in terms of storage, resource allocation and management, query processing.

Performance Evaluation of Virtual Machines Along With Security Mechanisms

Mishra Bibhuti Bhusan, Mishra Suchismita

Cloud computing has been the subject of many researches. Researches shows that cloud computing permit to reduce hardware cost, reduce the energy consumption and allow a more efficient use of servers. Nowadays a lot of servers are used inefficiently because they are underutilized. The uses of cloud computing associate to virtualization have been a solution to the underutilisation of those servers. However the virtualization performances with cloud computing cannot offers performances equal to the native performances. Presently, cloud computing is more popular and market observers believe it to be the future, provided it is free from the security problems. Security issues over cloud computing is definitely one of the major concerns that many companies are trying to recognize. However, some companies are also concerned about regulatory issues. In past few years, the public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud industry has become more complex with many cloud service providers. Some of the security mechanisms offered by the services indicate there is also still room for innovation and experimentation. In this paper it is focused to evaluate differences and possible reasons for it. Because sometimes, it may also contrast the security mechanisms offered by public IaaS cloud. Cloud computing allows users to access infrastructure, storage, software and deployment environment. Also data centers of today are rapidly moving towards the use of server virtualization as a preferred way of sharing a pool of server hardware resources. Due to the dynamics present in the system there is need for continuous tuning of the scheduling parameters. In this paper it is also focused to evaluate performance of the controller that optimizes the applications running on various domains.

Virtualization in Cloud Computing: Threats and Security Issues

Smaranika Mohapatra, Jharana Paikaray and Santosh Kumar Rath

In the networking computing environment, Cloud Computing can be said as the next generation of it, since it provides an availability to both hardware and software as per demand for services and utilities over the World Wide Web. Cloud computing is often referred to as manipulating, configuring and accessing the different applications and resources online. As there is a huge exchange of data, the main concern is security. In cloud computing Virtualization is a lead attribute. In this paper, we emphasis on the security of the virtual machines in a virtualized environment .First, we outline the security concerns in virtual machines and then the different issues and problems in security that are present in a virtual network are discussed and are analyzed based on Oracle VM Server for x86. Finally this paper presents a virtual network outline focusing upon how to minimize the inter-communication among various virtual machines integrated in physical machines with better security.

Odia Translation using Cross-Language Mappings in Cloud

Amit Chandra Kesh, Gouranga Charan Jena & Siddharth Swarup Rautaray

Odia is the sixth Indian language to be designated a classical language in India. Also, Odia is a predominant language of Odisha, where native speakers make up 80% of the population. The oldest evidence for Odia dates back to the 3rd century BCE. Even if, Odia language is spoken & used by over 40 million people and having such an important Indian language, as of now there is no significant translation tool available for Odia language. On the other hand although 95% Schools use Odia as the main medium for study in Odisha, still there are rarely any Digital Education Materials available for Odia Language. Today, with wealth of Educational information available in English and other languages available through social networks and World Wide Web, there is an undeniable need to formulate efficient techniques to process such data to make the digital information available in Odia Language. This paper presents a method for forming inter-lingual i.e. word-for-word or phrase-for-phrase mappings between languages for Odia Translation

A systematic review of Error correction codes for Channel coding of Wireless Telecommunication System

Ms. Ritu Kumari Sharma, Mr. Aabhas Mathur and Mr. Anand Jain

Error Correction Codes have been in use to deliver reliable data communication over several communication networks. The recent high upsurge of mobile communication services that necessitate both bandwidth intensive and interactive Real Time Applications (RTAs) impose an increased demand for fast and reliable wireless communication networks. Transmission burst errors; data decoding complexity and jitter are identified as key factors influencing the quality of service of RTAs implementation over wireless transmission media. The error control classified into two sorts: Error correction coding and Error detection coding. Error control mechanisms for
wireless applications can be classified into four types: forward error correction (FEC),retransmission, error resilience, and error concealment. In this review paper, we provide a survey on the prevailing error control mechanisms, representative error mechanisms systems. We pronounce the encounters and solutions of each error control mechanisms. To end with, we demonstrate the Aspects upshot in the data quality through transmission over wireless systems.

Computerised Accounting Information Systems (AIS) and Organisational Performance in Government Educational Institutions

Dr Farai Choga

The advancement in technology has enabled organisations to use accounting information systems. When educational institutions adjust their financial statements in line with accounting information systems they are able to ensure the reliability of financial information processing. Educational institutions like any other sectors need to apply the accounting information systems to improve the quality of their service delivery. The main objective of this research was to examine the benefits of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) and challenges faced by educational institutions. A qualitative methodology approach was adopted in this study. The study revealed that there were so many benefits if computerised accounting information system is adopted. Such benefits as: production of financial reports faster with less effort, improved accuracy and quicker decision making by management. The study unveiled the challenges that educational institutions faced in the use of computerised accounting information system. The challenges unveiled include resistance from staff members due to lack of involvement in the selection of the accounting package, higher cost of acquiring and maintaining of the computerised accounting package. Strategies for a successful implementation of an accounting information systems were also discussed in the research. The researchers discovered that there was need to engage end users in the selection of accounting packages. Staff members needed to be trained on how to use accounting information systems. The study recommended that management of educational institutions involve the end users in the selection of the accounting package so that they own the system. In addition there was also need to involve consultants that can help in the implementation of the system.

Efficient Algorithm for Detecting DNS Amplification Attacks

Afra AlAbbadi, Amal Albilali, Asmaa Almazmoomi and Dr. Omar A. Batarfi

A Domain Name System (DNS) amplification attack is a reflection-based distributed Denial of Service attack. For the importance of DNS server, it requires sufficient protection so that we can use websites at any time with high security. We proposed an algorithm to protect the server against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Therefore, this paper introduces a detection algorithm based on the NetFlow data. The proposed algorithm is able to detect a DDoS attack through checking for requests and responses at the same time and within a very short period. The contribution made by this paper helps in increasing security level against Denial of Service attacks in DNS servers by using a detection algorithm that achieved a 95% acceptable level of detection.

Study: Future Uses Of Green Computing

Nishant Katiyar

Green processing, additionally called green innovation, is the ecologically supportable to utilization of PCs and related assets like - screens, printer, stockpiling gadgets, systems administration and correspondence frameworks - productively and successfully with insignificant or no effect on the earth. The guideline behind vitality productive coding is to spare force by inspiring programming to make less utilization of the equipment, instead of keeping on running the same code on equipment that utilizations less power. This paper, first examine the meaning of green figuring and portray specialist's perspective on the up and coming era of IT frameworks for green registering. This paper will he lP the analysts and overseers to have an unmistakable comprehension of Green Registering and Green Distributed computing. It additionally characterizes the security issues and the arrangement strategies to these issues. Green figuring is the ecologically mindful utilization of PCs what's more, related assets Servers and Peripherals and additionally diminished asset utilization and appropriate transfer of electronic waste (e-waste). At long last, paper call attention to future bearings of examination and close the paper.


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