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Research Papers in Comp Science

Designing an Ehealth Model for the Adolescents of India

Shilpa Srivastava, Dr. Namrata Agrawal

Ehealth is gaining popularity in many domains that may include aging society, disabled, spreading awareness about chronic diseases, providing medical services in rural and during disasters etc. The present study focus on the usage of ehealth services in the psychological domain. We analyze the usage of ICT in the psychological field. Later we propose a design for the mobile app “YUVA” dealing with the issues of adolescents of the society.

Perturbation Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi objective Optimization

Dr Debasish Roy

Decision making problems primarily handles multiple objectives or multiple criteria in real world scenario. But generally Multi Objective Optimization problems are converted and solved as a single objective optimization problem because of a lack of suitable solution methodologies. However, single and multi-objective optimization algorithms work on a fundamentally different working principle. Optimization problems with one objective searches to find one solution except in some specific multi-model optimization problems, where multiple optimal solutions are found. It may be wrong to extend the idea to multi-objective optimization problem, where an optimal solution corresponds to each objective function.  An evolutionary algorithm, obviously non-genetic, for solving Multi Objective Optimization, has been presented here, primarily because a great deal of work has already been done in the domain genetic algorithm handling Optimization with Multiple Objectives.

Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Logic Sun Tracking Control

Sukhjeet Singh

Fuzzy logic is a rule-based decision process that seeks to solve problems where the system is difficult to model and where ambiguity or vagueness is abundant between two extremes.  In this research paper, a solar power sun tracking system is implemented using fuzzy logic.  The steps of how to create a fuzzy system are described as well as the description of how the fuzzy system works

Future Machines Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Sukhjeet Singh

This paper explores the applications of artificial intelligence and neural networks and provides an overview of the field, where the AI & NN are separately used and also where used together and discusses the critical role of AI & NN played in and business and medical applications


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