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Research Papers in Comp Science

Effect of Hill Climbing in Initialization of GA for solving optimization functions

Girdhar Gopal, Rakesh Kumar, Naveen Kumar

Genetic algorithms are good to find optimum solutions for a broad class of problems. Hill Climbing is the oldest local search algorithm, which helps in solving optimization problems. One can combine these two traditional techniques to get the best from the mixture. In this paper, this is shown that if we use Hill climbing initialization in genetic algorithms, it shows good improvements than Simple genetic algorithm. The experiments have been conducted using five different benchmark functions and implementation is carried out using MATLAB. Results show the improvement over simple genetic algorithm.

Analysis of User Datagram Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol Communication in Wired Networks

Meenakshi Moza and Suresh Kumar

Information in a network is transmitted on the basis of traffic scenario namely application traffic agent and data traffic. The importance of traffic scenario necessitates the reliability and capability of the information transmitted thereby rendering it important to go for performance analysis. The objective of this paper is to draw comparison between performances of transmission control protocol / file transfer protocol and user datagram protocol / constant bit rate traffic based communication in wired networks. Network Simulator-2 (NS-2) is used for simulation and evaluation of their performance. Parameters like Throughput, Packet delivery ratio, Packet loss and Delay have been extensively analyzed by varying the packet size and time intervals.

GSM Based Home Bakery Industrial Safety and Control

Swapnil Jain, Prashant Shende and Abhinav Parkhi

In a process control industry, it is very difficult for a person to be present or to monitors the system continuously. If not, there occurs damage in the whole process in industry specially in bakery. In order to view the process continuously and to check the status of the process we are going to use this device. In this device, parameters like temperature, level, pressure, human safety, etc. can be measured in it, and if any parameter exceeds there set range a SMS is send to the operator about the related parameter and also they are automatically controlled by using micro-controller. Specially this type of device can used in home based bakery industry.

One of the Barriers in Product Realisation Process – Systems Implementation-IMS

Sandeep S. Pathak

Appearance of a number of management systems with various and sometimes divergent demands, demands for revise of optimal strategy on implementation of these standards in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the attempt on their integration into integrated management system are suggested even more. Firstly question on choice and reasons for implementation of standards is raised. Management and employees expect benefits on the implementation and they pass and minimize the implementation barriers. Basic concept on integrated management system (IMS) into SMEs and analyse on reasons, advantages and barriers at IMS implementation are presented in this paper.

SPPAM 2.0 Application: Scientific Description and Use

Mariyana Lyubenova, Alexandre Chikalanov, Velichka Lyubenova, Stefan Vatov

The manuscript deals with a scientific description and a respective software implementation of application related to the tree species eustress identification. The set of numeric characteristics and parameters describing eustress is introduced. The most important are depth, frequency and duration of the eustress. Each one of these characteristics is assessed with five levels scale. The developed model includes also association of tree ring data with climatic information. The climatic type of year (CTY) is also introduced in order to be explained the climatic impact on the growth. Some relations between eustress and CTY are introduced in the reported investigation. The source of data for eustress discovery are tree ring width sequences taken from all over the world and stored in International tree ring widths. The source for climatic information is CRU TS climatic information database. The developed eustress model is implemented in software application SPPAM 2.0. The application has two components - a client server component and a web component. The client server component is object oriented and is written in C++ and uses Qt framework. The web component is written in PHP and Java script. The input data and data produced as a result of statistical analyses is stored into a PostgerSQL database. The obtained information from performed analyses by applicationis applicable for forest monitoring, risk assessment and forecasting as well as for developing of DSS and forest management.

Functional Structure of Special Computerized Information System

Safwan Al Salaimeh, Mohammad Bani Younes

The goal of the functional structure design of the computerized information system (SCIS) is determined to set the class of the system. By classifying the functional structure of this system the goals and employing information method will be determined. In this paper, the proposed model introduces the way that identifies the functional structure design of the computerized information system (SCIS). This system concludes and discovers the main types of the object control activities. The function groups in the system with sub-system, a Hospital for example needs to control the activities of the object after dismantled and clarified. 


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