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Solar Tunnel Dryer for Rural Area

M.S. Dulawat, A.M. Parakhia, B.B. Kunjadia, N.S. Joshi

The paper presents the innovation of solar tunnel dryer; it is a walk in type semi-cylindrical poly house framed structure with UV-stabilized polythene sheet, where products on large scale could be dried under controlled environment. Chilly drying n solar tunnel dryer to reduce the moisture content from 83.4 % (w.b.) to about 9 % (w.b.) and Aonla pulp from moisture content of 81 %(w.b.) to safe moisture content 9.5 %(w.b.) successfully dried. 20-300C of higher temperature was obtained in olar tunnel dryer over the ambient temperature, it depends on product. In comparison to open sun drying to obtain the same level of moisture contents resulting in a net saving in drying time of 40-50 per cent for solar tunnel dryer over open sun drying.

An assessment of vermicomposting technology for disposal of vegetable waste along with industrial effluents

S. Hema and N. Rajkumar

Vermicomposting is one of the potential treatment techniques for organic wastes. An experiment was conducted to prepare vermicompost using partially decomposed Vegetable waste using earthworm species Eudrillus Euginea. The process was carried out with the use of water, diluted Dairy and Distillery effluents in three combinations to provide the necessary moisture for the wastes. The results reveal that the nutrient content and worm population increased in the order of Dairy, Distillery and water. The study confirms that the vermicomposting is an a and disposal of non-toxic solid and liquid wastes.

Green Buildings: It's Importance in present Indian scenario

Lav Verma and Dheeraj Mandloi

Engineers and architects have choices of the materials and products they use to design. When it comes to environmental aspects, an engineer or an architect’s must use such material, products and design which would be beneficial to the environment and from where it benefits to the people. Here in this paper we are going to represent the work of such building construction which is termed as  greenbuilding construction. This tries to eliminate the problems related to different issues for example environment, which are mentioned in this paper and also solution to the problems. Many new technology and improved methods are introduced in the field of construction which surely helps in making good environmental conditions. In this paper an overview of how different methods, products and designs are using nowadays and which should be used further are presented.

Analysis of some biochemical parameters of plants as indicator of air pollution

Preeti Pandey Pant and A.K. Tripathi

Plants are the only living organisms which have to suffer a lot from automobile exhaust pollution and industrial pollution because they remain static at their habitat. The present experiment was done to determine the impact of air pollution on species like  angifera indica, Linn., Cassia fistula, Linn., and Terminalia arjuna, which were exposed to different air pollution load for short duration (Active biomonitoring). The biochemical parameters of the plants were studies in both the sites and compared with each other. The variation in biochemical parameters like chlorophyll, protein, soluble sugar, free amino acid, ascorbic acid, nitrate reductase, superoxide dismutase and peroxidase in the leaves were found to be pollution load dependent. The variations suggesting the activation of protective mechanism of these plants under air pollution stress, and also the plant make physiological adjustments to compensate for that environmental stress. Just by analyzing these biochemical indicators air qualities can also be assessed.

Amino acid characteristics of multifloral honey of indigenous bee apis dorsata f. and apis cerana indica from Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka

Balasubramanyam M.V., Ramesha Iyyanahalli and Jayaram, K.M.

Multifloral honey of giant honey bee, A. dorsata (wild) and Indian hivebee,was collected from the Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka and six amino acids characteristics were determined during April 2011 to March 2012. proline (P), lysine (K), glutamic acid (E), aspart in honey of wild and apiary honeybees. Proline (89.10 μ gms) was maximal from Dakshina Kannada in A. cerana honey while minimal of (83.01 μ gms) proline was found in A.dorsata honey in Udupi. Similarly A.dorsata  honey had lowest of histidine (5.97 μ gms) and highest of (7.24 μ gms) in A.cerana from Udupi and Dakshina Kannada respectively. gysine (45.12 μ gms) was maximum from Dakshina Kannada in A. cerana honey while minimum of (38.70 μ gms) lysine w honey in Udupi. Similarly A.dorsata honey had lowest of (17.16 μ gms, 15.95 μ gms and 8.52 μ gms) and highest of (20.95 μ gms,.18.13 μ gms and 10.90 μ gms) glutamic acid, aspartic acid and valine in A.cerana from Udupi and Dakshina Kannada respectively. Proline, lysine and glutamic acid of wild and apiary honey was significant at 1% (p<0.01) level, while aspartic acid, valine and histidine of honey of both species of honeybee was not significant at 1% (p<0.01) in Udupi, Dakshina Kanna and Uttara Kannada. All the six amino acids tested in A.dorsata and A.cerana displayed quantitative fluctuations in different geographical areas which are discussed in ensuing paper.

Security Framework for National electronic Document Repository (NeDR)

Narendra K Pareek, Vikas Agrawal and Prashant Mittal

In India alone huge vegetation is destroyed every year to manufacture paper which is used as base material for retaining copies of the documents. Other environment hazards associated with the copying industry is large consumption of toner and power. Receive infrastructures to store the documents, that too seldom been retrievable at least in the case of public authorities. The proposed solution not only overcomes these issues but also helps in better service delivery, enhanced security of documents and profitable business opportunities to SMEs particularly in rural areas. Sustainability of CSCs and Rural IT kiosk is of great concern, as long term support by government would not be possible, and these establishments/ entrepreneurs hav enhanced service delivery and increased footfalls. Such a solution has to be reliable one and information security has to be dealt on priority.

A Geographical study on industries in Nanjangud Taluk- Mysore district

Dr. Rajesh.Y.P and Dr. Harish M.

In this article we have made a study pertaining to the industries in Nanjangud taluk. For this an important issue has been considered i.e., Geographical and Economic conditions of industries faced by them. The study has been substantiated with a set of measures taken by the Karnataka Industrial area development Board (KIADB) and Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation (KSSIDC). The measures taken by the industrial boards have highlighted for the development as an industrial estate in the south Karnataka by giving top priority for electronic and IT industries without harming the environment.

Biosorption of chromium ions from aqueous solution by using Terminalia catappa L.: Equilibrium and Kinetic studies

L.Nageswara Rao and G.Prabhakar

The biosorption of chromium ions from aqueous solution by Terminalia catappa L. was studied in a batch adsorption system as a function of pH, contact time, chromium ion concentration, biosorbent dosage and biosorbent size. The biosorption capacities and racatappa L. were evaluated. The Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin adsorption models were applied to describe the isotherms and isotherm constants. It was determined that the best fitted adsorption isotherm models were obtained in the order:  sangmuir>Temkin>Freundlich isotherms. The kineticexperimental data were properly correlated with the second

Adjudgement of errors in Newton's divided difference formula for polynomial interpolation of functions ex, e2x and e3x in the interval [-1, 1]

V. P. Singh, Satish Kumar, R. B. Srivastava

A set of three functions viz. ex, e2x, e interpolating polynomials have been obtained for each function using a computer program develope din C++ programming language. Sum of percentage errors for the functions ex, e2x and e3x in Newton’s interpolating polynomial are 0.001464412843, 0.001820947916 and 0.700182411590 respectively. This indicates that the error in the Newton’s interpolating polynomial for the exponential functions increases as its power increases.

Risks for Children in Cyberspace: A Survey

Divya Kavdia

The internet is the valuable, essential and critical tool for children, which he and communicate with others. However, learning with internet can pose many hazards, children may become victims of harmful websites, pornography, inappropriate content, chat rooms, violence promoting sites, cyber bullying etc. The impact of these can lead to addiction of spending time on internet & can spoil the child’s psychological development. With the continued growth of ch interest in internet and cyber space, it is assumed that this situation will get worsen day by day. For this purpose many government acts like COPPA protect children from these threats. This p to children in cyberspace. It also focuses on the awareness, concerns and attitude for child online protection. Preventive measures to be taken by parents, Teachers and others to protect childre developing tools to minimize risk are also being highlighted in this paper.


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