Observations Containing Single Parameter and Random Errors: One Method of Evaluation of the Parameter

Dhritikesh Chakrabarty,JECET; September 2017- November 2017; Sec. C; Vol.6. No.4, 432-449.,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.6.4.43249]


A method has been developed for determining the true value of the parameter in the situations (i) where the observations are composed of some parameter itself & chance errors (random errors) and (ii) where some or all of the observations are repeated. The method has been composed of by compiling some methods which have already been developed for determining the true value of the parameter from distinct observed values in the situation where the observations are composed of some parameter itself & chance errors (random errors). The present paper describes the method, composed here, with application to numerical data.

Experimental Analysis of Attenuation Coefficient on En 8 Steel

P.S.B.Choudary and Satya Amarnadh Parimi, JECET; September 2017- November 2017; Sec. C; Vol.6. No.4, 418-431.,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.6.4.41831.]


The mechanical properties of in service facilities are decreased by material degradation. The degradation of mechanical properties affects the safety of operating facilities. So the evaluation of mechanical property or material degradation is important for structural integrity evaluation. Hence the work has been initiated to analyze the relationship between the mechanical properties and the attenuation coefficient of ultrasonic testing. For experimental tests we have selected EN-8 steel as reference. EN-8 steel is subjected to two different isothermal aging at a temperature of 6500C and an original specimen respectively. For these specimens tensile tests, hardness test, impact tests and ultrasonic tests were performed. Attenuation coefficients of ultrasonic testing were determined using Pulse-Echo ultrasonic test. A good analysis and estimation between mechanical properties and attenuation coefficient was found.

Design and Analyses of three Wheeler Auto Dumped Body

L.N.V. Narasimharao, Ch.Chandrarao and V.Naveen kumar,JECET; September 2017- November 2017; Sec. C; Vol.6. No.4, 409-417.,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.6.4.40917.]


The truck industry is a significant lifeline of the country’s economic activity. There is considerable scope to improve the design of their products. In order to save unloading costs tipper trucks are becoming very popular now a day. These bodies are also known as dump bodies. These are useful in a simple way to unload the material. In many city municipalities garbage is handled by rickshaws, tractors and Lorries. Garbage trucks are not passing into a small street due to bulk in size and there is no unloading facility in rickshaws. For that a small capacity body with the required space for travelling on streets and capable of handle approximately 1 ton of garbage. Reducing weight and stress reduction the optimized model of tipper dump body is modeled and analyzed. The designed three wheeled dump bodies with and without side ribs has been analyzed for stress using the finite element modeling (FEM) in addition to payload weight of garbage has being considered to reduce fuel consumption cost of manufacturing three types of materials are used Mild steel, Aluminum and Stainless steel. Model analysis also performed to find the frequencies to the mode shapes by applying boundary conditions. With the optimized parameters, optimized Model is developed and analyzed, stress analysis is carried out and the results are obtained. After analyzing best body is found.

Acid Mine drainage soil treatment:Remediation Approaches-A short Review

Nelson Pynadathu Rumjit and Paul Thomas,JECET; September 2017- November 2017; Sec. A; Vol.6. No.4, 401-408.,[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.A.6.4.40108.]


Acid mine drainage (AMD) is investigated as one of the serious environmental problems occurring in the mining industry. AMD characterized by the formation of acidic effluents showing a high content of sulfate and pyrite components(FeS2) in the mining area causing contamination of ground and surface water. During the mining operation, these pyrite and sulphide ores were undergone oxidation and reduction resulting low pH condition and reacting with the water bodies, affecting soil properties, vegetation, and aquatic life. This paper depicts a short review on various amelioration techniques available for acid mine drainage soil treatment in a cost effective and feasible manner

Review Paper on Energy Audit for Industrial Boilers

Nishadevi N.Jadeja;JECET; June 2017- August 2017; Sec. C; Vol.6. No.3, 350-355.;[DOI: 10.24214/jecet.C.6.3.35055.]


A lot of work has been done in the field of energy audit, loss estimation and performance improvement of boilers. Many researchers have conducted experiments and studies to improve efficiency, to increase life of components and to reduce maintenance of boilers. Energy audit plays an important role in identifying energy conservation opportunities in the industrial sector, while they do not provide the final answer to the problem; they do help to identify these goals can be achieved by using better heat recovery techniques, maintaining proper airfuel ratio, using VSD, using various software and mathematical models, etc. Some of them are described here.